Clive Powsey

From 1976 to 80 I trained at an art college and learned how to draw, paint, design and print from artists and designers. The final year was spent in Florence, Italy. For 40 years I applied and honed acquired visual skills making a living exhibiting in the fine arts and working in animation studios drawing, painting and art directing on projects for television, film, and advertising. I won watercolour awards, exhibited internationally, nationally and regionally, fielded regular solo exhibitions of watercolours, drawings and prints, and had several galleries representing my work across Canada. I travelled to Los Angeles, Hamburg, Berlin, Seoul, and Bangkok for animation related work. I taught part time for five years at the college I was trained in. Recently my occupational life has transitioned from employed to under-employed to virtually retired. Currently I am assembling my visual obituary and failing at attempts to stop creating imagery due to uncontrollable urges, ingrained neural compulsions and muscular convulsions.
Instagram: @psychotopographer

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