Jacob Lewko

Jacob Lewko is a Canadian artist born in Belleville Ontario in 1996. He has received a diploma in 2014 from Georgian College in Art and Design Fundamentals, and has graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art from Vancouver Island University. Over that time, Lewko has produced numerous paintings, prints, drawings, and sculptures to add to his portfolio, ranging from Post-impressionist-esque landscape paintings, to graphic portraits and prints.

Coming from a milieu surrounded by his father’s service in the military, classic rock, cartoons, and video games, Lewko themes many of his works around his various life experiences, traveling, and hobbies that he enjoyed as he grew up. With most of his prints, Lewko adopts more of a graphic comic book style, inspired by the works of Hirihiko Araki and Jack Kirby. The more subdued and blended colours of his landscapes are instead replaced with pure, rich tints and tones, patterned backdrops, and the occasional ben-day dots on his screen prints. Though they seem to be more Art Brut, they again relate to Lewko’s own hobbies and his desire to seek a common interest with the viewers through his love of classic rock, comics/cartoons, and humour.

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