Teresa Colby

My printmaking is strongly influenced by natural landscapes and my garden. Here I find patterns, forms, shadows, and water reflections that grab my attention. Images created on a camera become abstracted through print making processes: collaging, simultaneous colour inking, posterizing, colour selection edits or reduction to black and white. Resulting prints become distillations of feelings, memories and associations, most often based on my deep connection with nature and concerns for the future.

I received a BFA in 2010 after studies a North Island College and Emily Carr University. My main interests continue to be printmaking and ceramics. Previous careers were in healthcare and park naturalist work. Please enjoy the following slide show.

Contact: claygardener [at] shaw [dot] ca

Butterflies, etching, monoprint, 19.5 x 22 cm, simultaneous colour inking ref. K. Reddy, screen printed ink resist on copper plate

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